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Weekly class schedule


Mysore Online

6 AM to 8.45 AM


Mysore 6 PM to 7.30 PM  (Lappeenranta)


Mysore Online 
6 AM to 7.45 AM


Mysore Online
6 AM to 8.45 AM


Led class Online 
9 AM to 10.30 AM


Mysore 9 AM to 11 AM   (Lappeenranta)

Beginners Courses

- Beginners Course  on Saturday October 16th (3 PM to 4.30 PM) and Sunday October 17th (11 AM to 12.30 AM).

Before the class

  • Cleanliness: Keep your practice clothes and yoga mat clean. It is recommended to take a shower before the practice.

  • Keep your mobile phone silent and avoid unnecessary talking during the practice. 

  • When you're sick, please stay home.

  • If you have any injuries or health conditions, inform the teacher.

  • Always listen and respect your body when practicing. Don't push it above it's limits!

  • For ladies: it is recommended that you don't practice during the first three days of your periods (Ladies holiday)